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Court Authorizes Inquiry of Kenyans (Marlise Simons, The New York Times, 03/31/10)

PARIS — The International Criminal Court has given the green light to open formal criminal investigations of the political leaders who organized the violence that shook Kenya after its disputed election in 2007, the court announced Wednesday.

Two of three court judges said that the clashes, which left more than 1,100 people dead and drove hundreds of thousands from their homes, could amount to crimes against humanity. The judges’ decision will now allow the prosecution to bring a case.


Kenya: Court Is Given Names of Suspects in Election Violence (Marlise Simons, The New York Times, 04/01/10)

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague said Thursday that he had presented judges with a list of 20 suspects who he believed were most responsible for financing or organizing the violence after the 2007 elections in Kenya.


ICC Prosecutor Talks to Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera English, 04/01/10)


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